Write For Us Web hosting, Software & Technology

Write For Us Web hosting, Software & Technology

If you are looking for a “write for us web hostingsite on which you can share your mediocre and unique ideas about technology, web hosting, and digital marketing? If yes then you are on the right website.

Here you will get the opportunity to contribute to our website free of cost. On this platform, you can share information that can easily relate to your and our website. You can share your content on our website via Write For Us at lowcostwebhostingswrite4us@gmail.com. 

Before submitting the content we would like to confirm that we only accept those articles that work according to our niche and guidelines.

Write For Us Web Hosting & Technology 

To make a valuable article for our website you can work on the categories such as write for us web hosting is one of them that we have mentioned below. We accept and approve only the content that is related to these categories.

List Of Top Categories

  • Web Hosting
  • Technology
  • Software
  • Antivirus
  • Security and privacy
  • Tips & tricks
  • Digital Marketing
  • VPN
  • WordPress
  • Cpanel
  • Comparison of Web Hosting Companies
  • Pros and cons of Company
  • Alternatives of Web Hosting Companies

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Before sending the content you must know our website guidelines and niches that are mentioned above the paragraph.After that you will get an idea to write content for our website.

Necessary Guidelines For Submission The Guest Post

Every website has some rules and regulations to write a content for their websites.Our website also carries some guidelines that are necessary while writing an content.You can check them out.

  • Before writing the content keep in mind that your content must be about 800-1000 words.
  • Before sending the content check that your content is not plagiarism.
  • Don’t share those contents that are copiespund spin already.
  • We allowed only one do-follow link in the content that must be related to your content.
  • Create two images of 30KB that must be 300 widths and 700 in height.
  • Your content topic should be matched with our given categories so we can do internal linking easily.
  • Your content will be published within 24hrs, you will get a live link to your article as soon as possible.

Where You Can Add Your Links In Your Guest Post?

As you already know that after writing a content you have only two options to add your links.You can add your one do-follow link from the content paragraph and another one is from the authour bio.

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How You Can Easily Become A Technology Guest Poster?

If you are completely agreeing with our all terms and conditions then you can share your article via Contact us. Make sure, you have understood all the essential points or tips to send the article for the guest post on our website. To become a smatter or expert in email marketing, you must get in touch with us regularly.