What Are The Difference Between Cloud Server And  Dedicated Server?

What is Cloud Server?

Cloud hosting is a network of virtual servers which pull their computing resource from an underlying network of different physical servers. The user can tap into this network to use the service as much as the actual needs of the website. And that would be depending on their needs and requirement at any up and downstage accordingly. Now let’s find out the difference between the cloud server and dedicated server

How does it work?

Many examples are there to explain how cloud hosting works. Normally it is in the form of public and private cloud. In the public cloud, cloud hosting is based on the single-server model. An example you have a single server that contains all of your website files, data, images, and blogs, and more. When a user visits your website this data is normally served up from that single server. But when suddenly the traffic increases on your website that a single server goes down. And then the website pulls their actual requirement from the virtual servers which contain a copy of all the data of your website.

difference between cloud hosting and dedicated server

In the Private cloud, the thing that matters the most is security and privacy.

  • Availability: Always uptime or always available to give their best service with the help of their working networks.
  • Scalability: Cloud server has high scalability to increase or decrease resources like RAM, CPU, Computing cores, and memory storage. And as per your workload to boost up your website performance.
  • Safety and Security: The company ensures the safety of data through dedicated 24/7 IT support, encrypted solutions, firewalls, and a backup platform.
  • Cost-efficiency: Cloud hosting is relatively cheaper and abundant as compared to a dedicated server. Because you have to pay for what you actually use.
  • Level of Control: Anyone does not have complete control and is limited to offers provided by the service provider

What Is A Dedicated Server?

Dedicated hosting is based on a single server used by large organizations or large purposes. This server is used when the organization needs more security and privacy rather than space. It can be set up in a house or within a Datacenter for an external service.

In this, the host provides full administrative authority as well as other dedicated resources including server equipment and add-on services. The dedicated server needs 24/7 supporting the customer team that’s why it is also known as Managed Hosting Service.

This is considered more flexible as compared to shared web hosting due to its administration control, its software, and privacy system. There are many hosting providers that offer dedicated hosting which is one of the reasons to choose GoDaddy for your website.

How does it work?

Let us take an example to show how it works:

A single organization service means a dedicated server is used by a single large company that can have the full authority to access its resources. They cannot share their services with others due to the concern of security.

  • Availability: Not always available, there is a risk of downtime and software failure as they do not have multiple nodes to share the load.
  • Scalability: Difficult to increase or decrease the scalability of resources due to rigid specifications.
  • Safety and Security: You need to take essentials yourself by hiring your personal support team. Which monitors your server resources, and makes your dedicated server always update and secure.
  • Cost-efficiency: You have to pay per month no matter how many resources and servers you actually use.
  • Level of Control: In a dedicated server, you have full authority to add application programs and measures the enhancement of the machine.


The server selection depends upon the goals and objectives of your business. If you wish to control the E-commerce website then Cloud hosting is best for you. Because they can handle all your traffic fluctuation demands and other testing services of new and basics sites. But, if you want the full authority of your site and aiming for performance and reliability, then the dedicated servers should be your first choice.